The Market Season Update

Autumn is almost here – Summer is almost over.  That means for Cedar Spring Farm there are just a few more farmers markets. 

I was in Spokane this week, helping to move some of my Mom’s furniture and such into storage while she waits for a larger apartment in an assisted living community.  She is doing well recovering from hip surgery.  The therapy has been pretty intense, but she is a trooper and doesn’t complain.

I will not be at the Snohomish Market tonight, but I will be at the Stanwood Market tomorrow and at the Redmond Market on Saturday.

Next week is the last Snohomish Market.  I will be there. 

Check the Events page for the rest of the Market schedule!

A Long Week!

It’s been quite a week!  Sunday morning I took the bus to Spokane to see my Mom for a couple of days.  I was in Ellensburg when I got a call that she was in the ER with a broken hip.  She had surgery on Monday morning.  (The before and after x-rays were so interesting-doctors are amazing!)  Today she left the hospital for a rehab facility.  The improvement she made between her surgery on Monday and today is incredible.  I am completely impressed!  (My Mom is 90-I wonder if I would do as well!)

A HUGE THANK YOU to the doctors, nurses and staff at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane for their outstanding care of Mom! 

**I will be at the Redmond Saturday Market tomorrow