Farmers Market Schedule Update

It’s back to school for Gwen and Kylie.  If you didn’t know, Gwen is attending Digipen Institute of Technology in Redmond which started the first week of September and Kylie is attending Western Washington University in Bellingham which starts next week.  Gwen is taking 23 credits this semester (7, yes 7 classes!).  If everything falls just right, she may be able to graduate in December.

gwen and kylie

With Gwen’s heavy class load and Kylie in Bellingham, being at the Redmond Saturday Market isn’t going to work for them – so here is the plan:

Saturday, September 22 – I will be at the Redmond Saturday Market

Saturday, September 29 – Coupeville Farmers Market

Saturday, October 6 – Redmond Saturday Market

Saturday, October 13 – Coupeville Farmers Market – Last Market of the Season for Coupeville

Saturday, October 20 – Redmond Saturday Market

Saturday, October 27 – Redmond Saturday Market – Last Market of the Season for Redmond

Gwen and Kylie have done a great job at the Redmond Saturday Market!  I so appreciate them!

Be sure to check out other shows we will be at on our event page.  And please call or email if you have questions.




Coming Events

I’ve just added a number of events we will be attending in the coming months on the retail and event location page.  This will be updated as shows are added.  Please contact me if you have questions or would like more information.

Raccoon Run In


Yesterday afternoon as I was going out my back door in a hurry to get to the Oak Harbor Farmers Market I almost ran into my sometimes resident raccoon family.  We were both startled!  I didn’t expect to see them at 2:15pm!  Her two little ones quickly hid – one behind a lilac and the other behind a stack of boards and I got out of her way so she could collect them and escape up the backyard tree.

I grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles, where the only wildlife we saw were rabbits and snakes and the occasional tarantula (once in the living room!).  I’ve lived in Anacortes for 25 years and the wildlife still surprises me and always makes me smile!